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Our Governing Documentation

Click on the links to view our company documents, and the written description of who we are and who we work with.  Every organisation has them but we are also a charity which means we have a few more than standard organisations might.  Charitable organisations are required to ensure that they keep to the rules of their organisation, and continue helping the people determined in the documentation, the people the founders agreed to support when the charity was set up.

Memorandum and Articles of Association

Our memorandum and articles of association are our founding documents, while the memorandum is the original document filed with companies house and the charities commission, the articles are updated as terminology changes with the passage of time. The purpose of the memorandum is to stand as an incorporation document, stating when we were formed and why.  The articles then go into much more detail about who we can help, how many of them, and in what way.  Senior leaders and trustees must refer to the detail in the articles before any development or expansion, to ensure the project still meets the objectives within the articles. It's the organisation's rules, put simply.  For us, we must ensure we are improving the lives of the children we work with, so for instance, our articles would not allow us to become a clothing retailer or open a pub on our site, as everything we do has to be geared towards helping children.  Click the button on the right to see the documents in full.

Instrument of Government

This document contains details regarding our operational direction. Usually a school would have an instrument of government, which sets out the legal framework determining the responsibilities of the governing board, details about terms of office and meeting frequency.  Ours also contains information about our children's home and how this should be governed.  Trustees and governors are here to hold to account the senior leadership team, and ensure that the mission of the charity, as set out in the above documents, is being met. 

Trustee Documentation

Here is our trustee code of conduct and trustee induction procedure.  Both documents are very informative about who we are and how our board fit in the organisation.

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