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Our History

In 1970 a group of education and social work volunteers, supported by local business people, established a very successful and perpetuated annual ‘summer camp’ using the Alnmouth village hall as its base. Here, during the school holiday period, underprivileged and at risk young people, from the Tyneside area could attend weeklong residential activities and mentoring courses. Their aim was to help the disadvantaged children in North East. 

The Alnmouth project became an important and much acclaimed crime-reducing strategic intervention for the region. So much so there was considerable support for the project to become an all year round facility. In 1974 a permanent site was found. This was achieved with the help of funds from local businesses and importantly a very generous grant from TocH, which allowed the Alnmouth Camp Trustees to purchase a row of four derelict colliery cottages in Seghill, Northumberland. Accordingly and because of the TocH Trusts generosity, these buildings became Talbot House School. The school was duly registered as a charity and approved by the DfE as a Non-Maintained residential special school for 35 children aged 11 to 16 years with emotional and behavioural difficulties. In the spirit of Tubby's ideals, they knew that they needed to provide an atmosphere where the children could begin to trust authority, understanding this would be achieved with fellowship and respect for one another, no matter what the "rank". Staff provided a nurturing environment, a home away from home which allowed them to achieve success in school with the adults they knew and trusted.  We still have this approach today, our social enrichment curriculum means that children often play football with school teachers and support assistants, because they will try a little harder in the classroom for those adults who go the extra mile for them on the football field or join them on a bicycle ride.

Read about how and why Toc H was born (from the Toc H website) by clicking the link on the right. 

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