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School Clothing Guidance

Talbot House does not insist that a full school uniform is worn, however, we do have some rules. It is important for pupils to feel they are part of a community. This leaflet will hopefully give some recommendations. If you are unsure and would like more information or clarity, please contact our care team at school.


Pupils are given the choice of either a polo shirt or T-shirt along with a sweatshirt, free of charge. These are a dark purple with our logo on. We ask that plan sweat pants or plan trousers, either black, blue, brown, or grey, be worn. We are happy that the pupils wear comfortable footwear, these can be trainers. Pupils can wear hats to school but must remove them once inside school.


Coats should be removed once inside the school, so please ensure that your child has appropriate clothing to keep them warm in the colder months.

Unfortunately for Health and Safety reasons we cannot allow:

  • Open toed shoes/sandals including sliders, flip flops.

  • Vest tops, including off the shoulder and thin strapped vest tops for girls

  • Jeans of kind, leggings that are see through

  • Shorts above the knees

  • Low cut tops or tops that show any flesh

  • Jewellery – we only allow one set of small studs and a watch

  • Pupils will be asked to remove rings, bangles, and large earrings

  • If pupils wear a necklace, this needs to be concealed under their upper garments, if this can be seen or the necklace is thick and heavy, they will be asked to remove it.

  • If pupils do not want to wear the purple tops they can wear a plain black, brown, navy or grey, t-shirt, polo shirt, and sweatshirts, no large logos on the front or back. 

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