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Key Home Information

The aims of the home are:

  • To provide security, stability and emotional support for our young people.

  • To offer high-quality residential care to young people, beyond the foundations of exemplary primary care.

  • The offer of a home which is as near to a family environment as is feasible and comfortable for our children and young people.

  • To offer accommodation to young people aged 7 to 18 on a flexible basis dependent upon their care needs.

  • To enable young people to achieve positive change in their lives.

In order to achieve these aims the following objectives have been set:

  • The creation of a warm, safe and welcoming environment.

  • The development of a multi-skilled, highly trained, experienced staff team.

  • The implementation of an effective key worker system.

  • Effective assessment and recording systems.

  • The promotion of positive relationships with all people involved in the welfare of the young person.

  • Enabling young people to move into the community with confidence and support with our "keep in touch" philosophy.

OFSTED states … "material standards within the home are of extremely high quality. This reflects the level of care and planning which has gone into preparing the home to accommodate young people.”

A member of staff, when engaging a young person in their care planning wrote: "To help her engage more with me I asked her to help with my report, rather than asking for her views directly. She told me that she has been on a lot of activities, this is what she likes best about the home.  She talked a lot about the upcoming holiday and what she was looking forward to. She was almost packed and seemed very excited about it. I asked her "What is it you are looking forward to most about going on holiday?” She replied, “Spending time with the people I love.” This is such a wonderful sentiment and a reflection on the nurturing and strong relationships she has developed with staff." 

Here are some quotes from social workers and other professionals:

"Comprehensive Reports provided to reviews."

"The members of staff are nurturing and make good relationships with the children and young people."

"The children and young people are making good progress.  They all have settled education placements and are achieving well."

"Staff support the young people to practice their independent living skills."

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