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Death in Service and Unum's Help@Hand App

The Charity introduced a Death in Service Benefit Scheme for 2023-2024. This benefit is currently provided by Unum and is for all permanent staff (including Bank Staff) from day one of employment.

The benefit provides a lump sum payment to the members' nominated family or friends, equal to 4 x the basic contracted annual salary* in the unfortunate event that the member (a staff member) passes away during employment with the Charity. Bank staff do not have a permanent salary, therefore, their payment is based on their average earnings during the last 3 years of engagement (or less if worked under 3 years).

You will find a beneficiary form to the right of this page, if you wish to update yours, please complete, then print off and sign before handing it to the HR Department. As this form is very important, please always hand this to a member of the HR Department in person, to ensure it does not get misplaced in transit.

In addition to the death in service benefit scheme, staff also have to access and use Unum's 'Help@Hand' App, which gives easy access for members to six key support services through one easy-to-use app, including:

• remote GP appointments.

• mental health support.

• physiotherapy.

• medical second opinions.

• employee assistance program (EAP).

• wellbeing calendar.


Unum's Help@Hand App is free of charge, can be used by certain family members too and is completely private. Unum do not share details of use with the Charity.


Several staff have informed the Charity that they have used the Help@Hand App. The GP and Physio access has been very helpful in all cases. If anyone else wishes to share any feedback about any services they have used, please inform the HR Department. It is always helpful to receive feedback, whether positive or negative. 

*Salary is based on the basic salary only, as at 1st April 2023 (or starting salary if you began employment after 1st April 2023). If salary has reduced through the year this will also be reflected in any payment made under the scheme rules.


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