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Employee Forum


Our Employee Forum is set up to enable the Charity and it's employees to inform, discuss and seek views through their representatives on the following matters:

  • issues that are topical or important to the Charity or employees;

  • discuss future initiatives which may be of benefit to the Charity’s employees; and

  • any other matters (such as staff social and wellbeing events) as may be deemed appropriate by the SMT/Chair.


The Forum will not consider individual disciplinary or grievance matters, any matters related to pay, or other employment issues affecting individuals or a small number of employees.

Please see below some details of our Employee Forum Members & Meetings:

Employee Forum Members:

Chair: Lenny Lansbury

Forum Secretary: Helen Green

Area Members:

Residential: Amy Davies

Blue Zone: Kayleigh Harkness

Yellow Zone: TBC

Orange: Becky Cook

Green: Lynda Dixon

Care Team: Ian Walton

Admin / Central: Helen Green

Maintenance: John Pillans

Kitchen: TBC

Domestic: Sascha Pringle

There are 3 planned meetings each year, which usually take place on the 2nd Wednesday following each half term. The meeting dates for 2023-2024 are set out below:

- 15 November 2023.

- 6 March 2024.

- 12 June 2024.

Employee Forum Members will communicate relevant information to staff within their area.

Please speak to our Area Member if you would like to them to raise any matters at the next meeting. Note: this is not a forum to discuss matters relating to personal grievances and / or salary or pay.

The Chair along with the Forum Secretary will meet with the SMT following each meeting to communicate any discussions held.

We have 2 areas requiring members, please inform the Chair if you would like to join the Employee Forum.

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