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  • Feedback from our parents/carers:(November 2022)

  • Child really enjoys school

  • Mum feels all the above, however knows that his attendance impacts on learning

  • Child has enjoyed his 1st year, and any concerns I have are dealt with that day

  • Child’s behaviour has much improved since attending Talbot House

  • I don’t think any school can make pupils behave

  • Very pleased with how happy my son is at school

  • I feel so comfortable with school, I can approach school about anything personal or approach school about anything, personal or academic, and I will know I will be supported.

  • I am just so, so happy that my son got his placement at Talbot House

  • School has changed my daughter so much for the better

  • Only to say that I think the school is fabulous

  • We are very happy with Talbot House

  • Thankyou for giving me my son back

  • Staff A and Staff B are rock!

  • We, as parents are perfectly happy. David is really happy at school, and he is doing well

  • Child has found herself at Talbot House. She is happy to come to school and speaks fondly about Talbot House

  • My child is happy at school but still struggles coming into school

  • I am very happy with the school. I do feel supported by the staff.

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