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  • Provide pupils of all ages with a holistic careers experience. This will provide learning opportunities to develop a range of knowledge and skills.

  • Provide personalised guidance so that pupils can work towards and achieve their own specific goals.

  • Have a range of contacts to support the delivery of the careers program.

  • Provide pupils with information about jobs and prospects available in the local area and further afield.  

  • Pupils understand the relevance of lessons and can link subject knowledge to jobs/professions


  • Pupils receive a careers lesson on Thursday, period 5. This will cover learning outcomes from the career’s development framework (CDI, 2020).

  • Pupils to receive mentoring from LLA, this will be in the form of 1:1 meetings.

  • Pupils will attend careers fairs.

  • Pupils will participate in volunteering and work experience.

  • Pupils will participate in workshops.

  • Pupils will visit places of work.

  • Guest speakers will attend school.

  • Collaborations with organisations, including post-school.

  • Pupils will have access to information on careers board and school website.

  • Networking with organisations, employers, and education establishments.

  • Teachers to make careers references during lessons.



  • Pupils will have more knowledge and skills to improve career prospects.

  • Pupils will have a better understanding when applying for a job, including CV writing and the interview process.

  • Pupils will have a better understanding of labour market information (LMI), including opportunities available, demand for jobs, different roles within the workplace and pay structure.

  • Pupils will be more successful post-school

  • Pupils will access a greater range of opportunities

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