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Trustees and Governors at Talbot House



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A note from the Chair

Rev A Harding   

My name is Allison Harding and I am the Vicar at St Michael's and St Mary's in Newburn. I was happy to take over as Chair of Governors and Trustees, having been Vice Chair and then Interim Chair for some time. When I was asked to consider becoming a Trustee I already had a full work load so I had to consider it carefully making sure I could give my full commitment. The children are the reason I am so invested in Talbot House, they are so honest, personable and courageous.  Before I was a Vicar I worked as a homelessness officer, education welfare officer and probation officer. As a probation officer, I worked with young people and being part of Talbot House Children's Charity gives me a tangible way to make a real difference in our community.

I hope my note may inspire some of you to ask yourself, how can I do more for the children within the trust, please drop me a line, it would be lovely to chat about it, my email is, 



Rev. Allison  

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