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School Staff

Senior Management Team

Deirdre Pearson Chief Executive

Christine Smiles Head Teacher

Gavin Jackson  Assistant Head & SENDco


Teaching Team Green Zone 

Claire Jackson

Stephen Hughes 

Ron Brown

Sam Dowling 

Leona Traill

Teaching Team Yellow, Orange & Blue Zone

Natasha Proud 

Victoria Jackson 

Abigail Jack 

Jack Sprawling

Higher Level Teaching Assistants

Kayleigh Harkness (Blue Zone) 

Rebecca Cook (Orange Zone)

Care Team (Pastoral)

Karen Cowans Family Liaison Coordinator

Lenny Lansbury Care Team Manager & Careers Lead

Ross Stead Care/LSA

Kate Lamb Care/LSA

Ian Walton Thrive Practitioner/Care/LSA

Owen Hughes Thrive Practitioner/Care/LSA

Learning Support Assistants 

Lynda Dixon (Green Zone)

Imogen Melton (Green Zone)

Kate Gallimore (Green Zone)

Ruth McCann (Green Zone)

Chris Thurston (Green Zone)

Ola Afolabi (Green Zone)

Sophie Rowntree (Orange Zone)

Rebecca Reeve (Yellow Zone)

Charleigh McDonnell (Orange Zone)

Steph Green (Blue Zone) 

Gemma Blackman (Blue Zone) 

Jessica Smith (Blue Zone)

Adam Wells (Yellow Zone)

Lydia Kennington (Blue Zone)

Other Staff Teams

We also have several teams of employees who provide administrative, domestic, food production, HR and maintenance services to the whole Charity.

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